לקראת יום הסטטיסטיקה העולמי ב- 20 לאוקטובר, תתקיים תחרות ויזואליזציה בחסות הוצאת הספרים WILEY. הפרטים מופיעים בהמשך הפוסט. לפרטים המלאים יש לפנות לקישור הבא:

John Wiley & Sons Ltd celebrates World Statistics Day 2015

Statistics Views and Wiley are proud to be the organizers of a Best Data Visualization Competition in recognition of World Statistics Day 2015.

Submit a data visualization to us to be in with a chance of winning either an Apple watch or $500 worth of Amazon vouchers.

The theme of World Statistics Day is official statistics. Your data visualization will need to relate to international data across the 5 continents. Please click below for further information.

Competition opens on Tuesday 7th July 2015 00.00 (EDT) and closes on Friday 2nd October 23.59 (EDT).

Entries will be judged by a panel of esteemed members from statistical societies including the American Statistical Association, the Royal Statistical Society and the European Network of Industrial and Business Statistics.

The winning data visualization will be announced on World Statistics Day (20th October 2015).


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