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On Friday 29 May 2015, between 09:00 – 12:00, in Melamed Auditorium at Tel Aviv University, Professor Stephen Fienberg (Maurice Falk University Professor from Carnegie Mellon University, Nirit and Michael Shaoul Fellow 2014/15.) will give a special workshop on Privacy Protection and Record Linkage.


Privacy protection and record linkage remain joined at the hip. Statisticians do record linkage to enhance the information available on individuals beyond that in individual databases.  Doing such linkage well enhances the scientific credibility and statistical validity of any resulting analyses.  But if we are concerned about privacy protection we think in terms of protecting individuals in a database from identification through linkage attacks by an intruder! This two-part short course will review recent advances in these two domains, especially efforts to ensure that methods in both domains scale to as the size of databases grow.  On the linkage side we will discuss propagating linkage error into subsequent analyses.  On the privacy protection side we will describe the technique of differential privacy which protects “probabilistically” against all linkage attacks.

About Professor Stephen Fienberg

Professor Fienberg is an internationally known expert on statistical aspects of privacy, and is the Nirit and Michael Shaoul Fellow 2014/15. The Israel Statistical Association is honored to sponsor this workshop with him.

Melamed Auditorium is near Gate 2, chemistry-shenkar building (see the map):

2015-04-29 09_30_57-Clipboard - shenkar chimia

Cost:  100 NIS for members of the Israel Statistical Association, 120 NIS for non-members; students can attend at no cost.

There will be light refreshments beginning at 8:30 and a coffee break at mid-morning.

Advance registration is required.  You can pay registration fees at  


Students should register in the form here:

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