The United States-Israel Educational Foundation (USIEF), the Fulbright commission for Israel, wishes to bring to the attention of members of the Israel Statistical Association the fact that the Fulbright Program for US post-doctoral researchers visiting at Israeli institutions has been expanded and the value of the grants increased, thanks to a decision by VATAT to make available special additional funding in support of the Program.

USIEF is currently offering 10 fellowships, each valued at $40,000 ($20,000 per year X 2 years), in support of American post-doctoral fellows’ research in Israel in the period 2011/2012-2012/2013.

To qualify for Fulbright support, each candidate must be accepted as a post-doc by an Israeli host university, which agrees to provide him/her with at least the standard university fellowship.  Fulbright fellowships complement this basic host institution funding.

The application deadline for 2011/2012-2012/2013 fellowships is 2 August, 2010.

Adding Fulbright funding to the regular post-doctoral stipends available from Israeli host universities can help make the possibility of training in Israel economically viable, as well as scientifically attractive.

Thus, USIEF urges the members of the Israel Statistical Association to inform their American colleagues of the availability of Fulbright funding for US post-doc’s, and to ask them to pass on this information to young researchers working under their direction.

A brief discussion of the program and links to additional material are available online at  The full grant announcement is online at For further information and explanations, please contact USIEF’s Deputy Director, Ms. Judy Stavsky, at 03-517-2392 or [email protected].

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