International Symposium on Stochastic Models in  Reliability Engineering, Life Science and Operations Management

February 8-11, 2010, Beer Sheva, Israel
We welcome papers and proposals for special sessions on any topics in Stochastic Models in Reliability Engineering, Life Science, Operations Management and related areas.

Stochastic Models and Methods in Reliability Engineering
•Quality Control

Stochastic Models and Methods in Life Sciences
•Data Mining
•Health Care
•Ecology and Environmental Protection

Stochastic Models and Methods in Operations Management
•Project Management
•Inventory and Chain of Supply
•Information Systems

Important dates

Deadline for submission of abstracts   October 1, 2009
Notification of abstracts acceptance    October 10, 2009
Deadline for submission of papers      October 30, 2009
Enquiries & Assistance:
Dr. Ilia Frenkel
Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Sami Shamoon College of Engineering, Bialik/Basel Sts., Beer Sheva, 84100,Israel.
Telephone:   +972-8-6475-642,   Fax:  +972-8-6475-643
Email: [email protected]

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